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Many thanks for visiting our company's official website. We hope you enjoyed having found your interested products. We would like to invite you to contact us and talk with sales teams for closer business relationship development.

Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co., Ltd. (KCD) has been working the customers in the lighting industry from more than 60 countries since 2000 established. We believe you would love working with KCD and our goal is to bring you more profitability and enhance your competitiveness and explore more niche markets with our joint efforts.  

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Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co., Ltd.

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Website: https://www.kcdlighting.com and https://www.kcdsolarlight.com 

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 Business Hours:  GMT+8 Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong time:  Monday~Friday: 08:00-18:00 Saturday:  08:00-12:00

Worldwide Distributors Wanted

If you want to be part of our worldwide distributors, please kindly contact us with your detailed information so that we can contact you in return.

OEM & ODM Order

For OEM/ODM orders of LED lighting products with your companies label and logo branding, two aspects of the LED lighting products can be customized and labeled according to your branding requirements and to match your corporate identity to perfection, namely the product label and the packing box. Also, we can help you to make new design basis on your requirement and only supply to your company.

SKD and CKD order

We provide a full range of SKD and CKD parts together with assembling guidance to make your work easy to take off.

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