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KCD Lighting is a partner you can rely on!

KCD Lighting provides all-around support to our customers before and after-sales. Your concerns and worries are our top tasks to work on before you place any purchase orders with SinoStar Lighting.  We are pleased to answer all your questions and doubt.  You can learn and get useful information when you choose and evaluate products for either new projects, sales, and your own brand marketing.

More detailed information on Order & Payment, Shipment & Delivery, and Warranty Policy can be learned from the below links.

Order and Payment

  • Payment terms for samples
    • Bank Wire Transfer to our bank account
    • PayPal
    • Western Union
    • WeChat Pay (RMB only)
    • AliPay (RMB only)
  • Payment term for large and regular orders
    • Bank Wire Transfer to our company bank account
    • Letter of Credit
    • We accept US dollars, Euros, Hong Kong dollars, and CNY RMB.
  • How to order?
     1. You tell us the model and quantity you want by online inquiry, e-mail, or telephone.
     2. We will calculate the total cost for you and send you a proforma invoice with our bank account information.
     3. You arrange the payment according to the proforma invoice.
     4. We will start your order after payment is confirmed.
     5. We will arrange the delivery after the goods are completed.
  • Are you a manufacturer?
    We are a manufacturer located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, only 3 hours’ drive from Hongkong, 2 hours’ drive from Shenzhen city, and one hour’s drive from Guangzhou city, the capital of Guangdong province.
  • Does KCD lighting accept OEM orders?
    Yes. We are well experienced in OEM service. We have a laser marker to mark the customer’s information (logo, company name, etc.) on the products. You can send us your brand design if you prefer.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    We only accept credit cards for certain old customers. Therefore, we suggest you arrange payment via the methods mentioned above.
  • How do you ship your order?
    We usually ship small orders by air. However, there are many international couriers for your option, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and China EMS.  If you already have an account with DHL, UPS, or other couriers, you can advise us in advance, and we can send the goods to your account. We usually ship large orders by sea.  In general, the ocean shipment will take more days than by air.  So the shipping way is subject to your demand in advance.  And customs clearance paperwork and procedures will be handled by the forwarder. In case of any additional documentation, SinoStar will assist the forwarder with it as much as possible.

Shipment and Delivery

  • How long is your lead time?
    Basically, it depends on your order quantity and our current production schedule. Please note that orders requiring too many models will take an extra long time and thus not encouraged. Normally, we can make delivery in 10-20 days for regular orders. We encourage our customer to share your demand forecast with us so that we can make advanced preparation and speed up the lead time.
  • How much does the shipping cost?
    Shipping cost is mainly based on the mode of transport (by courier, by air or by sea) and the shipment’s weight (gross weight or dimensional weight). For our LED lighting, most of the products are charged by actual weight, however, some products like solar panel are charged by dimensional weight when shipped by air and by courier. Please tell us the model and quantity you want so that we can calculate the shipping cost for you. You can also provide us your freight collect account. But based on our experience, it would be more cost-effective if we arrange the delivery.
  • How will you send my shipment?
    We can send your shipment by courier (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS ), by air and by sea depending on your request. The shipping cost and delivery time are different. The courier will deliver the shipment to your address. Generally, the small or urgent order is delivered by courier. For delivery by air or sea, you need to pick up the shipment at the airport or seaport.
  • Is the shipping cost included in the product’s price?
    No. The prices on our price list do not include the shipping cost.
  • How do I know that my shipment has been sent?
    We will provide you the related shipping information or documents like tracking number, bill of lading etc. We will send you the related shipping documents for your customs clearance purpose.
  • How much import tax should I pay?
    Even for the same product, the import tax may vary from country to country. The universally applicable HS code of LED lighting is 94054090. You can check the import tax on your local customs authority website or consult your local import agent.


All KCD LED lighting products include a 3 years manufacturer warranty for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The customer must report the defect in writing within the warranty period. Warranty starts on the day the product is shipped.  

 Warranty coverage is for the original purchaser and non-transferable. We replace any LED lighting product/or part that is proved to be defective in material or quality under normal use during the applicable warranty period. Warranty replacements will be made without charge for lamps/parts. Anything replaced under warranty becomes the property of ours and must be returned to us. All lamp/parts replaced under warranty will be considered part of the original product, and warranty on those parts will expire coincident with the original product warranty. 
KCD is responsible for the cost of the replacement lamp/part. Furthermore, KCD is responsible for shipping charges of the replacement part. 
However, the customer is responsible for sending the damaged part back to our facilities by hiring their own shipping company. Thus, the customer is responsible for shipping charges which are associated with returning the damaged part. 
KCD does not refund "to" shipping charges. The purchaser is responsible for hiring their own shipping company to return the product. Furthermore, the customer is responsible for "to" and "from" shipping costs even in the case of defective "free shipping" items.
Please take pictures and notes of LED lighting defect(s) and email them to service@sinostarled.com. This will help us expedite your warranty claim. 
Exclusions to this Warranty
Abuse, Neglect, or Misuse
This warranty is automatically void with any misuse of the product or any damage due by accident and/or collision. Use in an application for which the product was not designed, unauthorized service, abuse, neglect, incorporation, or use of unsuitable attachments. Unauthorized alteration, installation, or any cause other than defects in material or quality of the product is not covered under the warranty. 
Any other expense, including consequential damages, incidental damages, or incidental expenses, including property damage, is not covered under warranty. 
We disclaim any responsibility for the loss of time or use of the product, transportation, commercial loss, or any other incidental or consequential damage. Any implied warranties are limited to the duration of the written limited warranty.

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